Local Island Hopping in Maldives

Local Island Hopping in Maldives

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Undoubtedly, Maldives is a small nation made up of a group of mysterious and whimsical islands that are unique and beautiful in their ways. After visiting the Ukulhas, you might want to explore the other marvellous islands of the Maldives. Rasdhoo and Mathiveri located very close to the Ukulhas, which you must check out. Rasdhoo is a small island with a population of approximately 1500 people. And Mathiveri is situated 84 km away from the Male and is home to 900 people. From grocery stores, gift shop, ATM to hospital, police station, resorts, and restaurants, the islands are well maintained and loaded with all the facilities. The various activities that you can enjoy in these islands are:


Rasdhoo is one of the places in Maldives where you can spot the glowing planktons. These glowing planktons are living creatures that are known to emit light.

Patting Dolphins

Dolphins are the most adorable and social creatures that connect with humans more quickly than any other animal. While boating, you may spots many dolphins playing and swimming in the water, and you can also pat them.


The best time to go for snorkeling is during high tides. There are even several points located near Mathiveri, where you can meet the friendly little creatures such as mantra rays.


Rasdhoo is well known for diving, and it even has dive points that make it a great place to learn diving, especially for beginners.


The islands are vast in marine life, and you can easily find a plethora of aquatic species in the water. Both Rasdhoo and Mathiveri allow you to catch different types of small, large beautiful and colourful fishes that you can enjoy for dinner. You may also find sharks, turtles, and coral reefs here.


The islands have several beaches which are well maintained. You can take rest and calm your mind under the shadow of the palm trees. Or you can enjoy the feeling of warm sun rays on your skin and cold sand under your feet. There are some tourist zones also, where you can even wear bikinis.

Close to nature and home to a large number of aquatic plants and animals where you can take rest by forgetting all your worries. These beautiful Maldivian islands are truly an excellent honeymoon destination where you can spend your time with your loved ones making so many heart-warming memories.



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